Defence of promissory estoppel not sufficient to resist credit union’s claim for summary judgment

By: Shane Kiely BL

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High Court grants an order for summary judgment in favour of a credit union in the sum of over €212,000, on the grounds that defences of promissory estoppel and the rule in Pinnel's case were not sufficient to merit sending the matter to plenary hearing.

Claim for summary judgment - In July 2008 the first and second named defendants executed a credit agreement for just over €212,000 - plaintiff is seeking summary judgment in that amount - by way of defence, the first and second named defendant point to a revised repayment structure that was settled between them and the credit union in June 2012 whereby they were to continue paying annual instalments of a lesser amount than the total annual amount required to be paid by them under the terms of the agreement - rule in Pinnel's case - the plaintiff never agreed to take a lesser sum in satisfaction of the larger debt; all that was agreed was that lesser monthly repayments would be accepted for a time; the totality of the debt continued, and continues, to be acknowledged - rejection of promissory estoppel defence - principles that are applicable when a court approaches the issue of whether to grant summary judgment or leave to defend - summary judgment granted as defendants have no defence.

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