Searching this site

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There are a number of search options available on Stare Decisis Hibernia:

a) Search by key words, terms or names.

The search box at the top right-hand corner of the site can be used for key words (e.g. “provocation”) or names (e.g. “Primor”).

If you wish to search for a term (e.g. “subsidiary protection”), it is best to use inverted commas.

If you are seeking an entry using two or more words or terms, it is best to use a plus (+) sign prior to the term.

For example: +”misuse of drugs” +”Hardiman J”

b) Search by topic.

Further down the right-hand column is a list of the topics covered by the judgments on this site. If you cannot find the topic you are looking for, use the search box.

c) Search by court and name of judge.

On the left hand side is a list of all of the courts and the judges whose judgments are digested on this site. Simply click on the name of the judge to see digests of his / her judgments.

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