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Trespass - assault - claim for injunction and account for rent and profits - counterclaim for ownership of lands - appeal from Circuit Court - full rehearing - transfer from mother of parties - whether resulting / constructive trust arose - presumption of advancement - duress - estoppel.
High Court (Charleton J) refuses judicial review of Circuit Court conviction, where offender's time served was not recorded on committal warrant.
Supreme Court grants orders for security for costs in respect of appeals from the High Court of seven sets of proceedings.
Court of Criminal Appeal refuses leave to appeal from conviction of murder, where incriminating admissions made by accused following raid of hotel room.
Supreme Court dismisses appeal from High Court, and affirms decision to postpone surrender under European arrest warrant pending determination of trial in Ireland.
High Court grants borrower leave to seek judicial review of decision by statutory asset management agency to enforce security and appoint receivers.
High Court dismisses personal injuries claim arising from accident triggered by plaintiff's "road rage".
High Court holds operator of container vessel, and not employer, responsible for injuries to stevedore after fall in hold.
Sentencing – murder – Article 5(2) of the Life Sentences (Northern Ireland) Order 2001 – Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (Northern Ireland) Order 2007 – determining the minimum term of imprisonment which must be served before Parole can be considered – high likelihood of general re-offending and a significant risk of serious harm to the public – brutal murder of Polish National – subsidiary role in the assault – higher tariff of sentence due to nature of murder



High Court allows appeal from ruling of Taxing Master, and remits matter for proper determination of fees charged by plaintiff solicitor in settled personal injuries claim.
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