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Court of Criminal Appeal refuses leave to appeal from conviction in misuse of drugs trial.
High Court grants order of certiorari in respect of decision by An Bord Pleanala to refuse planning permission, where appeal withdrawn by objector prior to notification of decision.
High Court holds: a) that plaintiff was entitled to beneficial ownership of monies in one bank account jointly held with her late husband, without right of set-off to the bank in respect of husband's loans; and b) that the plaintiff did not have a beneficial interest in monies in another joint bank account.
High Court dismisses claim for personal injuries allegedly sustained while fitting clamp to car.
High Court: a) determines that drivers of separate vehicles were concurrent wrongdoers and shared liability for plaintiff's injuries; b) apportions liability on 80:20 ratio between first two defendants; and c) assesses damages in the sum of €132,428.
High Court refuses judicial review of refusal to grant refugee status, but grants declaration that certain observations of the respondent concerning participation in terrorist activities were to be construed as obiter to the determination.
High Court directs release of applicant, on grounds that Gardaí did not have sufficient grounds to arrest him on suspicion of intention to evade deportation.
High Court refuses leave to seek judicial review of decision by Minister to refuse consent to the making of a second asylum application, seven years after the first was deemed withdrawn.
High Court, on appeal from Circuit Court, affirms interlocutory order regarding the schooling arrangements of the child of separated parents.
High Court grants order that one defendant, An Garda Siochána, was entitled to a contribution from another defendant, an individual officer, of €30,000 towards the settlement of an action for misfeasance in public office, and an indemnity in respect of costs.
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